Initially SpotLighter™ needs to be installed on your iPhone. SpotLighter allows you to capture leads


  • No compromise on existing spotlighter features.
  • Scan barcode badge using iPhone camera.
  • No additional device or equipment is required other than iPhone to capture and qualify leads.
  • No additional training required. Get expertise in five minutes.




Q: Will SpotLighter read all show badges?

SpotLighter can read most trade show badges that record attendee data on barcode . Some shows encrypt the data, preventing SpotLighter from reading attendee information from the badges. You can send list of shows that you plan to exhibit at and we will verify if SpotLighter will support those badges with more accuracy.


Q: Can I use my own iPhone or iPad equipment with SpotLighter?
Yes.  you can use your own iPhone or iPad device. 


Q: Does my iOS support SpotLighter?
SpotLighter supports iOS 10.0 onward.


Q: Will SpotLighter work with my Android device?
Yes. we do support Android devices. Mostly we support any Android device which has more than 5 MP camera with Auto Focus and Operating System versions 6.0 onwards like Oreo:Marshmallow: Versions 6.0 -
Nougat: Versions 7.0-
Marshmallow: Versions 6.0 -
​​Pie: Versions 9.0 -


Q: When will I get my lead reports?
Typically, you need network connection to process leads after the show. You will receive Excel formatted reports within 1 business day. On your device on SpotLighter home screen, if you see 'Lead Count' blinking in red color then it means that there are pending leads on your device that are not uploaded to our server. For uploading, either make data plan of your device ON or connect your device to an active network connection. This will upload all the leads automatically to our server. Once uploading is done then lead count displays in steady black color. And then you can visit SpotLighter Portal and log in with the same credentials that is provided earlier to download the show. 


Q: I do not have iPhone, do you rent them?
If you do not have iPhone then you can rent SpotLighter with device for $350 

Q: Whom should I call for support?

For support call John at 703.665.6607


Q: How can I surrender current license from the device?

Some times if iPhone has problem such as old operating system or want to switch iPhone then if SpotLighter is already activated on one iPhone then in this case firstly need to deactivate/surrender license from the first iPhone. Tap on ‘Properties’ button from SpotLighter home screen. Then tap on ‘New Show’ it will ask for user name and password. Enter the user name as surrender and password as license and tap on ‘Submit’ button. It will prompt a message as “License surrendered successfully.” Now you are ready to download the show on same or other device, for the same device type.


Q: How to install SpotLighter from App store?
You need to have network connection to install SpotLighter. Once you have network connection, then go to App Store and search SpotLighter & tap on Install. You will be prompted a message box to provide apple password of your iPhone. 

Q: How to use SpotLighter on my iPhone?

Once download of the show setup is complete, you will be presented with SpotLighter home screen. Tap on ‘Tap here to scan’ button. Camera will be available to capture barcoded badge. To scan the badge, distance between iPhone and the badge should be 4 to 6 inches. You can view and edit lead details after capturing the lead. Also qualify the lead and enter additional information on ‘Notes’ screen.

Q: How to download the show setup after installation?

Once installation is done, tap on SpotLighter icon, you will be presented SpotLighter properties screen. Tap on ‘New Show’. You will be presented ‘Log In’ screen. Use user name and password provided by SpotLighter team for the show. Enter these exactly as provided as they are case sensitive. After providing user name and password, tap “Submit”, it navigates to ‘Confirm Download’. Tap on ‘Download’ button and wait for few minutes. Once initialization completes, it will show SpotLighter home screen.


Q: How much training is needed to use SpotLighter?
SpotLighter is so simple to use that you can become expert in 5 minutes.


Q: What is included in SpotLighter rental?

  • SpotLighter software pre-programmed for the show on your iPhone.
  • You receive Excel reports after the show completion. And also we provide dashboard link to access leads online.
  • The rental charges include up to 20 custom qualifiers & free format notes.