Enterprise :

Web based enterprise solutions using enterprise    servers and desktop workstations.
* Full product life cycle support including    development, documentation, maintenance and    enhancement.
* Microsoft(R) Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET,    C# based technology solutions.

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Handheld :

Microsoft Mobile5 based  solutions allow    information exchange with server databases like    SQL Server.
* Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity.
* Audio, on-screen signatures capabilities.
* MagCard, Barcode and RFID Scanning from    Handheld applications.

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Products :

SpotLighterTM: Lead retrieval system    (Mobile/Desktop) for tradeshow exhibitors.

VCRMTM:Customer relationship management

VPMTM:Project management and communication    system ITS
Past Products/Projects :

V Draw :
V Draw from VarIT allows display of maps and drawings on handheld devices running on PlamOS. V Draw offers a flexible interface to add drawings/mapping ability to an exisiting or a new application on Plam. Read More
Field Sales :
Extension of desktop entry system to multitude of mobile devices. Using this solution, an organisation improve its efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer levels by appropriate development of Mobile devices. Read More
Facility Management :
Facility management companies can considerable reduce the cost and time spent on collecting the inspection data, using the handheld devices like Plam. Rare combination of enhancement data quality at reduce costs. Read More
Field Inspection :
Use of smart handheld devices, for field inspection increase the efficiency of field sales while reducing the cost of field inspection function in many business including Government inspection agencies, Construction Companies, Airlines, etc. Read More
Service and Support :
Use of Handheld devices such as Plam/Pocket PC dramatically reduce the cost of field service, what is often company's most expensive interaction with the customers. handheld computing can transfer field service from a cost center to a revenue producer. Read More